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Celebrating you! Just because!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

I have been been photographing people for 12 years.    I recently discovered that I really enjoy photographing woman.  Why?  Because I feel like we take on a lot of rolls in life.  Being a mom, managing the household and juggling a career.  So most woman forget about themselves and put everyone first.  Well I am here to remind you, you also come first.  You also matter.  Celebrate who you are today!  I get so many woman that say to me I would love to do a boudoir session but I need to loose 10 pounds.   love yourself right this second, It’s the best feeling in the world, trust me!  Don’t let life pass you by.  Trine is a mother of two she is the most amazing person inside and out.  It was so much fun photographing her.   Here is a sneak peak of her boudoir shoot.

I  met Trine for the fist time in St. Lucia when I was photographing Destiny & Trevor’s wedding, her energy was amazing.  So glad we crossed paths again!

Love her Valentino shoes!